Pirate Ron

I'm Ronald Meza Jr. and you're not.
Come into my world.

Tho thexy.
Happy Easter, mother f****** 

Pineapples bitch. ❤ (at Huntington Beach Pier/Main st)
Best damn burgers in town. Brought to you by the lovely @aleinasantiago  (at Burger Boss)
We know everything. 

I’ve never seen my dad happier. This is the best thing ever. 

Models: Lynka and Ronald Sr. 

📷: @shorter_nicholas
No human makes me happier than this beautiful one. Glad to have spent this day with my girl. #laneybug
NWA VS The Spice Girls

I suggest you wife me up hardcore. @aleinasantiago #zaddyofthekitchen
Baseball is among us and I must say, I do miss it. ⚾ #Winterisover

Opening day for Boston. My day off. And my girl treating me right.

Life is good. #letsgoboston

Finished infamous 2

First of Spring. 🌻

🎶Springtime for Hitler and Germany. Winter for Poland and France. 🎶